We Edit Books is a comprehensive editing service for fiction and non-fiction writers

Fran Allred

Mickey Johnson

Before we started We Edit Books we were reporters for daily newspapers. We covered cops, courts and government and wrote editorials, columns and features. We learned to write stories about a variety of subjects on deadline and to appreciate professional editors.

Then we became editors. We still wrote some but we did editing, too. Now we have a combined 65 years of editing and writing experience in daily newspapers in five states and also have edited books, special sections and magazines. We have been recognized as award-winning writers by industry colleagues.

Throughout our careers, the most important thing was the story. It still is.

We like to tell stories and we like to read them.  We believe a story is a story regardless of its length or its format.

We like writers, too. We like taking their words and making them better. We like working with newer writers and more experienced writers. We like using our editing skills to improve a story, to choose just the right words, to fix punctuation and make sure text is technically and creatively its best.

Most important: We would like to put our expertise to work for you.


Fran and Mickey recently appeared on a local cable program Chapters where they were interviewed by author and “Chapters” host Carter Taylor Seaton.  During the interview, they discuss their role as editors and the services offered by We Edit Books.