We’ve got a complaint about the West Virginia Book Festival: It’s just too darn brief.

The festival, which was conducted Friday and Saturday at the Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center, drew hundreds of authors, publishers, book lovers, and, yes, a couple of editors. West Virginia Writers Inc. also played a key role in promoting the work of its authors, and provided important information about membership opportunities and its writing workshops across the Mountain State.

By almost anyone’s measure, the festival has to be regarded as a success. Wonderful people, wonderful books, and wonderful experiences.

But two days, in We Edit Books’ modest view, just didn’t provide enough time to allow us to get to know more authors whose works were on display, and to learn more about the projects they have in the works.

In the time we spent at the festival, we made new friends, who shared with us exciting details about their books and the efforts they’re contemplating or currently putting the final touches on. And we developed several relationships that we hope will result in bringing those efforts to more successful conclusions.

Our minor beef notwithstanding, the book festival’s organizers put together an impressive lineup of authors (headlined by James Patterson), workshops, and events. In our three years at the festival, this one was the best.

So, our thanks to the festival’s organizers and participants, and authors Becky Crabtree, C.J. Plogger, and Larry L. Rowe for sharing their expansive knowledge of their areas of expertise. We learned an incredible amount about their projects and hope to learn more.

Finally, our immense gratitude goes out to authors and friends M. Lynne Squires and Terry Lee Bowe, who shared Booth 503 with We Edit Books. Their help and support were amazing. Thank you, once more.