How long will it take?


The answer depends on several variables. How much help you want and how much editing you need are the major time factors. Since both of us will read your work it takes a little longer. We will try to give you an estimated completion date when we begin work on your project depending on our work already in progress and your deadline.


Do you ever refuse manuscripts?


Occasionally there may be manuscripts that are what we consider incomplete. Those would include manuscripts that are rough drafts or incomplete in terms of character and plot development or lack sufficient care in grammar, spelling and punctuation so as to be unreadable.

We accept works of fiction and nonfiction. We reserve the right to refuse books of poetry, political diatribes or pornography. Contact us to inquire about other topics.

Occasionally there may be times when our thoughts and those of an author just don’t click no matter how much we all agree to try harder. We see no reason to prolong such an experience and will end our part of the agreement.


Who will read my manuscript?


Mickey Johnson and Fran Allred will read and edit your work. We believe that even editors need editors and will consult throughout the process to assure the version you receive is superior in every way.


What will I receive when the editing is finished?


We will return the original manuscript with spelling, punctuation and typo errors corrected. Our notes on suggested editing changes will be shown in margin comments. Separately we will provide recommendations on improvements to plot and character development, continuity, tone, pacing, and consistency.


What services do you offer?


These are the services we offer:

  • Proofreading: Checking for typos, spelling and punctuation errors.
  • Copy editing.: We will correct typos, spelling, and punctuation errors, as well as grammar and word usage. We will recommend improvements in consistency, tone, and continuity issues.
  • Content editing: We will focus on structure, style, and content. We also will address pacing, plot inconsistency, awkward dialogue, character development, style, and imprecise writing.

Rates vary according to the level of proofreading and editing you choose.

  • Proofreading is $2 per page.
  • Copy editing is $3 per page including proofreading.
  • Content editing is $6 per page.
  • Combination rate of $8 per page for proofreading, copy editing and content editing.
  • Editing of hard copy is an additional $1 per page.

Payments may be made through PayPal. We do not make refunds.


How to submit your manuscript


Send us an email containing a synopsis of your book and attach one chapter of it. Also, please tell us about your writing experience and what level of editing you prefer. Please use the “submit” button on our page to email the letter and attached chapter.

We will contact you by email to confirm we will accept your manuscript and advise you of the estimated cost and completion date.

We require a down payment of 40 percent of the estimated cost. That payment may be made via PayPal by using the payment form, which is located on the right side of our page. Remember to include your name, title of your manuscript, and to attach your manuscript before you hit the submit button. At that time you may submit your manuscript to us using the submit button. You must retain an original copy of your manuscript. We will notify you when your manuscript and payment have been received. We cannot begin editing until the down payment has been received.

We will notify you when we begin editing your manuscript and occasionally update its status.

When editing is completed, you will be asked to make the final payment on our service. That payment may be made through PayPal. When we receive the final payment, the edited manuscript will be emailed to you.


How can writers contact We Edit Books?


For more information about our service or to get answers to your questions, you may email us at:

[email protected].