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M. Lynne Squires on We Edit Books

Handing over your manuscript to editors you have never worked with can be fraught with anxiety and trepidation. My experience with Fran and Mickey at We Edit Books laid those fears to rest immediately. Their attention to detail in researching the smallest detail was impressive. Every suggestion they made felt exactly that – like a suggestion that I was free to take or leave with no judgment.
Most importantly, my voice and style weren’t compromised. They took my finished work and elevated it to be polished, clear, concise, and ready for publication. I’ll be working with them again and again. No question.

A native West Virginia author, M. Lynne Squires is a fiction crafter, occasional poet, blogger, and magazine columnist. She is the author of “Looking Back at Charleston,” “Letters to my Son — Reflections on Urban Appalachia at Mid-Century,” “Mid-Century Recipes from Cocktails to Comfort Foods,” “Writers on Writing,” and “Breaching the Chrysler Building.”

Contact Lynne and/or buy her books at: http://mlynne.com

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E.E. Williams on We Edit Books

Fran Allred and Mickey Johnson of We Edit Books made me a far better writer and my latest novel, “My Grave Is Deep,” a far better book.

I have never worked with better editors.

They know their stuff, of course. They can edit. They can see the big picture. They can improve your work.

What sets Fran and Mickey apart is that they genuinely care about writers and writing and making both better. They are firm yet gentle editors (yes, you can be both) who will stand by you from beginning to end. And they listen, actually listen, to you, your ideas, your arguments and your objections. Their goal is the same as yours – to produce the best work possible.

If you’re looking for someone to take your work to the next level and beyond, Fran and Mickey and We Edit Books is where you want – and need – to be!

E.E. Williams of Bluffton, S.C., is author of the Noah Greene mysteries “My Grave Is Deep,” “Tears in the Rain,” and “Tears of God.” Contact him and/or buy his books at:

Web site: https://ee-williams.com
Blog: https://ee-williams.com/blog/

Kirkus Review of “My Grave Is Deep”

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Terry Bowe on We Edit Books

I never considered myself to be a prolific writer, let alone a skilled one. Despite my literary shortcomings, I always had a burning desire to write a novel. When I finally decided to tackle the daunting task, it didn’t take long for me to realize I needed the advice of a professional editor. Luckily, I found Mickey and Fran of We Edit Books. Shortly after our first face-to-face meeting, I hired them. They wrapped their engaging personalities around my project and immediately understood my passion to finish my book and make it the best it could be. Their experience as long-term editors made my decision to hire them very comfortable. We just clicked and, with no apprehension, I knew that I could trust them.

Their comprehensive editing of my book was enlightening. They respected my work and their thoughtful, constructive ideas definitely made my novel a smoother read. From the get-go, I told them I wanted an honest appraisal of my storyline complete with beneficial criticism of my writing skills. Their helpful ideas certainly aided the telling of my story and improved my finished product by conveying my intended message in a precise manner. I can, without any reservations, highly recommend Mickey and Fran for your project. Their faithful and diligent efforts surpassed my expectations. I promise you will not just have experienced, professional editors at your disposal, you will also gain two new friends as I have.

Terry Bowe of Putnam County, “a proud West Virginian,” is author of “Schimmert, Journey to Silence,” a historical romance novel.

The book is available on Amazon here: Schimmert, Journey to Silence

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/terryleeboweauthor/

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Steve Martin on We Edit Books

Understanding that mere wordsmithing is not enough saved me years ago when I wrote “Wayne County Bicentennial by the Numbers,” employing a fantastic idea by We Edit Books editor Mickey Johnson. The act of shaping the book into its best form and making every word count produced a book that was lean and eminently more readable.

Fresh perspective, objective thinking, and grammar expertise combined with years of writing and editing experience made all the difference. If you want your manuscript in the best possible shape once you have taken it as far as you can, the We Edit Books team is the best I’ve found.

My advice: Trust them.

Steve Martin is an author, newspaper columnist, and retired librarian at Morrisson-Reeves Public Library in Richmond, Ind.

John Gillispie on We Edit Books

As I go about my writing and editing duties as public relations director of the Huntington Museum of Art, I still use the advice of my mentors Fran Allred and Mickey Johnson. Fran and Mickey continue to have an impact on my career as I remember specific things they taught me while I’m working.

John Gillispie is public relations director for the Huntington (W.Va.) Museum of Art and a former reporter and editor for The Herald-Dispatch in Huntington.

Shannon Nickinson on We Edit Books

Writing is a really personal exercise for many of us. It’s the way we make our voice — and the voices of others — heard. What I wanted as a writer, and what I think every writer wants, is an editor to make them better without overtaking a writer’s voice. Mickey and Fran were the best editors I have ever worked with not only because their technical skills are impeccable, but also because they respected my voice and they knew when to push me to do more. They also taught me to respect what the story itself and the people in that story have to say. When my work was in their hands, I knew it would be better in the end.

Shannon Nickinson is content developer and project manager at Studer Community Institute in Pensacola, Fla. Shannon also is a former reporter for The Herald-Dispatch in Huntington, W.Va., and the Pensacola News Journal.